“I can’t speak highly enough of Geoff Sober. I went from being in a failing business to taking it on by myself and turning it around. I went from being extremely unhappy to getting everything I wanted and more. It was a long trip, with many ups and downs.

“At the time, you doubt it’s worth it but, reflecting now, I know it was. You will come out the other end, and everything will be clearer and nothing will faze you.

“Some of you will read this and be sceptical about the LSP effect, but some of you will jump straight into it. If you start LSP with Geoff Sober, I guarantee you will be in a better place in three months. If you don’t, then you’ll probably be exactly where you are today.

Taking action is the first step to overcoming the reason you’re on this website.”

Tom Hibbert

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