“After the day of our consult, I felt amazingly CONFIDENT!
every doubts in my mind, were gone. and I was experiencing living without any stress! “


“We did the session on Skype. It was effortless. Some questions from Geoff , followed by a number of statements, said out loud whilst performing a specific action. Sounds bizarre but I went with it …and I was intrigued to experience a number of emotions and some tears during the process.

I started to feel lighter as though a load had been lifted from me. I had been feeling somewhat bitter and resentful about my ex, particularly when I’d heard that he had fallen in love with someone else within a week or so of us being finished.

Interestingly, during the actual Skype session with Geoff my ex appeared online on the Skype screen, and immediately following the call with Geoff, I ended up having a Skype call with my ex.

The miracle was that this was really the first time we had spoken since we d finished, and it was a beautiful loving conversation. We completed everything that needed completing. I was happy that we were no longer a couple and I was happy that he was moving on with his life. We felt very connected in a way that was truly freeing and very loving. He was very touched by the phone call, and so was I.

Geoff had warned me that I might need a couple of days to process the clearing. After the call, I did feel somewhat exhausted…a bit like someone feels when they have just been sick. They know that they are better as a result of being sick , it just doesn’t feel too great immediately afterwards!!

Now , a couple of days later I have been on a new date. More importantly, I feel a deep sense of peace around the whole conversation of relationships and I am convinced of the power of Geoff s work. Geoff has a style that is very calm, clear and comforting and the process is simple and effective.

And yes, I’ve already booked in for a second session!!

Clearing your unconscious blocks is the best thing you can do to embrace your true self and this is an effective method to do so.

Marie-Claire Carlyle
The Money Magnet

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