To whom it may concern
Testimonial – Geoff Sober
When I started working with Geoff it was 2010 and I had recently liquidated my business and was personally on the verge of bankruptcy. I’d taken a Sales role as an employee and no longer as a business owner. My self-esteem, confidence, and not to mention, my personal financial situation were all at rock bottom.
This was having a negative effect on my relations with family and close friends. 5 years on I can say that it has not been the easiest on times. However through Geoff’s coaching those down times, and the negative thought that accompany them, were tackled head-on. I learned to understand and face my fears, and in doing so making them melted away. I can say it was a long job as there were so many and so deep rooted. Through Geoff’s teachings I learned that those negative patterns, and the fears attached to them, do come from not only a long long way back in my life but also from the more recent and significant emotional traumas and episodes that are peppered throughout my life.
Some 9 months ago I moved forward into a new business that I’d been developing for some time with a close friend of mine. As is to be expected we have faced, and will face, many challenges as we make are way along our chosen path. Again with Geoff’s insights, wisdom and experience he always brought me round to the knowing that I am capable of, and destined to have, great success.
It is really happening now. This new business is taking off in to 2016 and beyond and will become a trans-Atlantic multi-million dollar enterprise. Growing a profitable business and having all the trapping of money is what most entrepreneurial people dream of; and is what is talked about in most business circles. Geoff taught me that money is not the only wealth and that there are more important elements to life such as reputation, integrity, close relationships, fulfilling dreams, self-belief, confidence, gratitude and love. I am experiencing these ‘wealth’s’ more and more as I and my business grow to new heights.
I have Geoff’s wisdom and teachings to thank for me being who I now am and where I am going. Those ‘light-bulb moments’ he helped me to have now sustain me through the troublesome times. They enable me to be grateful and to appreciate all that I have and will have in the future, knowing that all that I have done is not wasted time or effort.
Geoff, Thank you again for being such a great coach and I wish all the very best in all that you do.
Yours faithfully


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