“I’m so happy LSP found me when it did; at exactly the right time. It has certainly shaken everything up – in a good way. I have a long way to go on a few things, but it’s like the layers of my life are sorting themselves out.

“One of the major things about LSP is the removal of blocks, which prevent us from moving forwards in our lives. I always wanted to live by the sea and, although we made the move from London to Southampton, it really wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to bring my child up with the beach and water sports as a way of life. Last year we moved in what seemed like an instant, as the previous blocks just melted away. Within ten days, we’d had an offer on a house accepted and, eight weeks later, we moved into our first home – just five minutes from the beach! We soon got a dog and I’m now pregnant with our first child; life feels a lot different to this time last year.

“Businesswise, the move threw up some challenges, as did pregnancy, as I’m a selfemployed personal trainer and yoga teacher. I’ve started teaching more yoga and there are many changes afoot at the moment, but LSP has allowed me to move forwards in so many ways, opening up new opportunities. LSP is helping me shape my future without forcing change. It can be frustrating as I like to plan and set goals, but I’m learning to let go and let life unfold gloriously.

“These are just a couple of the things LSP has done, and continues to do, for me. I’ve worked on some huge life issues, as well as identifying seemingly small things that have been huge blocks. It’s a very personal process, which does make it hard when I’m trying to explain it to someone, but I truly believe we all need LSP in our lives!”

Caroline Radway

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