What is the Lotus Seed Process?

Much of today’s scientific research on the brain shows the self-healing power that lies within all of us.

In his book The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge talks about the cutting-edge science of something called ‘neuroplasticity’, which is basically the idea of rewiring the brain. The Lotus Seed Process (LSP) is a remarkable and hugely successful way of doing this. It was established 20 years ago by Vikki Faudel, who worked alongside a neurologist and a chiropractor. Together, they researched and developed a method of reprogramming the signals that we produce in the brain. They showed that LSP can remove the negative messages that we’ve stored up from the past, replacing them with positive beliefs that free us from our doubts, fears and indecisions – all the things that hold us back in life!

Although this same basic principle underpins all LSP sessions, the focus is very much on you, the individual. By talking to you, Geoff will help you to uncover your deepest thoughts and feelings, freeing you from any pain or hurt, and helping you to move forward in life.

What can I expect from the Lotus Seed Process?

LSP works very quickly and, because it engages all four lobes of the brain, the changes occur at a very deep level. You don’t need to do anything other than follow Geoff’s guidance. It’s a simple process that can even take place over the telephone, by Skype or, depending on your location, in person.

LSP isn’t about going over your past; past experiences will come up naturally before being dealt with and laid to rest.

You won’t become a different person at the end of the process, just a better version of yourself; in Geoff’s words ‘the best you that you can be’.

Although you should feel an immediate benefit, the most profound improvements will happen over time, in the days after each consultation and as you progress through the process.

Success comes from commitment and you really do get as much out of the process as you choose to put in. Geoff recommends that you commit to a three-month course.

Your first consultation will last about an hour, whereas subsequent sessions last about 40 minutes. LSP is not about making you dependent on therapy for years; the aim is to give you freedom and independence.

Even more importantly, it’s not just a short-term boost; the progress you’ve made won’t be undone the next time life throws a difficult or upsetting issue at you. When an issue is dealt with, it is dealt with and you’re able to move forward.

Each course of LSP can be tailored to cover any of the following topic areas:

  • Relationships and love
  • Business and career
  • Money
  • Family
  • Physical health, weight and addictions
  • Lack of confidence and emotional growth
  • Parenting
  • Inner peace

Read some of Geoff’s real-life Case Studies to gain a better understanding of how the Lotus Seed Process can help you.

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