Welcome to you from Geoff Sober.

When an accident left his life plan in tatters, Geoff Sober summoned the strength to fight back. These days, he’s happy, successful and fulfilled. He lives by the mantra ‘out of adversity comes the seed of an equal or greater benefit’ and is a firm believer in the phrase ‘think and grow rich’, which was first coined by Napoleon Hill.

In his own words, here is Geoff’s story…

“In 1982, seven days before I was due to fly to the USA to play professional football in the North American League, I dislocated my ankle joint and smashed three bones in my foot. The dream was over.

My wife was pregnant with our first child, we’d sold all our belongings to move to the States and we were broke. I was homeless, penniless and jobless. I had no idea that the most exciting journey of my life was about to begin; a journey of personal growth and self-development.

In the years that followed, I read every self-help book and attended every course, exploring everything from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), martial arts training, Homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and Cognitive Therapy – I tried it all! I learned all I could from the leading experts in these fields, including Dan Millman, Brandon Bays, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

This helped me to gain a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in life, how to be a winner and, ultimately, how to live the life you deserve.

Geoff Sober


These days Geoff uses his knowledge, expertise and his own life experiences to help clients from all walks of life with a wide variety of different issues, including:

Behavioural problems and educational issues

Geoff obtained a Bachelor of Education honours degree and spent one year studying the Psychology of Education. He went on to teach French and German, and, therefore, understands how to help children and students with problems such as bullying, difficulties with studying and behavioural problems.

Help with sporting injuries and mental preparation

As a footballer and martial artist, Geoff is skilled in helping athletes to achieve their maximum potential by addressing the obstacles, or ‘blocks, that hold them back. He works with sportsmen and women to help them prepare for their performances mentally, as well as helping them to identify the emotional triggers that can be the root cause of repetitive physical injuries. Geoff believes that every injury has an emotional attachment and that, once the underlying issue has been identified and dealt with, the pain disappears.

Business and financial success

Geoff knows what it’s like not to have much money, as well as what it’s like to be financially secure. Needless to say, he knows which he prefers!

He believes that, once we find personal and emotional fulfilment and wellbeing, we will also achieve financial success. For example, in 1989 Geoff helped a start-up printing company to go from a turnover of nothing to millions of pounds. The company went on to win the Digital Print Company of the Year title in 2006 for the quality of its work and its high customer service standards.

Geoff knows what it’s like to take that first daunting step into the unknown by starting your own business, and understands what’s required to grow a successful business. He has worked with a number of blue chip companies and understands the pressures faced by CEOs, directors, managers and their employees.


Geoff helps individuals to find love, as well as helping those in a relationship or marriage to get the most from it. Having been happily married for 34 years, with two wonderful children, Geoff enjoys the fruits of a stable, secure and loving family.

He believes that, when you remove the issues that prevent love from coming into your life, you open yourself up to finding the right partner and relationship for you.

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