I was at a meeting in London a couple of weeks ago where a “change master” was describing the course he was selling and was encouraging the attendees to enrol in this nine month long course.

He was getting positive feedback throughout and each person was engaged,convinced and motivated UNTIL it came to the price,the payment,the cost.Then came the stumbling,the excuses and the questions – the “I’ll have to think about it” remarks.

I thought long and hard about this afterwards because all of us in business experience that moment where our prospect cannot correlate our offering and the value of our offering to the price they have to pay.

The “change master” was superb in his offering in that for an investment of £6000, each participant was expected to earn £83,000 at the end of 40 weeks course – surely this is a no brainer !!

Would you grab at this offer ? Where else would you get a return like this ?

On further reflection I realised that the major reason someone does not take up an offer like this is a lack of CERTAINTY !

Well what if I don’t make £83,000 ? What if I spend £6000 of my hard earned cash and get nothing in return ?

In other words “I don’t trust that this works”.

However this particular “change master” is world renowned,a celebrated published author who has trained thousands of people to make £83,000 and much much more than that.He has a proven formula which has consistently produced successful results.

And so is the question behind the question – ” I don’t trust me” ! :

“I don’t trust me to follow the proven system”.

“I’m different – the proven system probably won’t work for me”.

“It’s OK for all those entrepreneurial types I’m just not like that”

“I know I’m not consistent”

“I will fail at this”.

If you know anyone who thinks like this then please get them to contact me because these thoughts are lies – they are lies the mind has created to “protect” us but they will keep us limited until the pain of change is so great we either change or seek help or stay stuck,unhappy and unfulfilled.

I know many great teachers and mentors and it is their greatest frustration that people won’t let go of their resistance,trust them and trust the process they have proven to work.

In my property coaching I have provided the certainty that if the mentee followed my process they would have their first investment property within 90 days.

So how come one mentee received their investment property within 30 days and another is still searching after two years.

One trusted the system,followed it and trusted in themselves and my certainty because I know it works.

The other questioned the system,did not take the actions,never trusted in themselves and needed almost daily reassurance that I was certain that this would work.

As we all know – success leaves clues – there are universal laws of success.

As I and all other coaches,mentors,teachers and trainers know we are actually in the business of teaching CERTAINTY.

3a116884945f870924f1ffd3f36fc015I’ve had a friend call me today in a state of exasperation,frustration and anger.

“Everything is going wrong,what on earth has happened to me – what have I done wrong ?”.

He then proceeded to go through his catalogue of “disasters”:

His phone wouldn’t work and the network provider couldn’t give him any explanation of the fault.”

“My phone is my business – it puts bread in my children’s mouths !”

His knee had “given way”,was bruised,swollen and painful – and again he hadn’t fallen,been hit by anything

or been aware of any possible cause of injury.

A long term tenant of his (there for over six years) was moving out.

And he’d even had a disagreement with another driver about which lane to be in on a roundabout – no it was road rage really !

Now how do you feel as you read these events – do you have a little snigger at how “small” they seem in the grand scheme of things ?

How come when these things happen to others they can be funny or trivial but when they happen to us they grow big and important ?

Are you going through something similar and so you empathise and know that you have days like that too ?

Well I told him how happy I was for him (which was what my mentor always told me) and sure enough that riled him

up even more – not my intention I truly was happy for him.

I was happy for him because Life was knocking on his head and saying:

“You have a lesson to learn here – do you get it ?”

When we don’t “get” what is going on in our lives and we don’t have a coach,a mentor or simply a BFF then Life comes

a calling and makes us sit up and take stock – so I was happy he had stopped to think.

He was doing the same old things:

Being more busy.

Adding more jobs to his to do list.

Saying he’d do more things for more people.

Not playing with his kids.

Not paying full and present attention to his loved ones.

Putting that vacation off and saying “Well after I’ve completed …….. then we’ll book some time out”


Not enough,not enough,not enough.


He had done nothing wrong – no blame,no guilt,no judgement – just breathe,relax and learn the lesson.

When life screams at you,please listen.

When I was Managing Director of my own digital print company I had not learned many of the Laws of Life which I now understand and more importantly implement !

As a team we reacted to the orders which came in and because our client list included blue chip corporates like Coca Cola,Ericsson and Nokia we said “Yes” to whatever was thrown at us.Whether it be squeezed deadlines,more discount or lengthier payment terms- we wanted the business and so we said yes.And I certainly don’t judge the corporates for simply getting the best deal they could get on all levels – that is the nature of business.

However,what I have realised is that everything we did was governed by Force and what does Force come up against – Resistance and so business life was a constant struggle.

We forced ourselves to sell to more customers every month and “hopefully” hit our sales targets.We cold called,we forced ourselves and our staff to work longer hours,more weekends and have lunch “on the run”.

So where did “forcing” get us – yes a certain degree of wealth and in 2006 we were voted “Digital Print Company of the Year” but ultimately it caused stress,the fear of losing business,clients,staff and the more fear,doubt and worry then the more force exerted and so the treadmill turned.Being part of this business was no longer fun and when it’s no longer any fun,you stop making money too.

Many people,like me,by design or disaster,moved on from these stressful jobs/businesses but instead of finding a new found freedom in their one man/woman band consultancy they carried on the same pattern of work as before – “old habits die hard”.

And so my message today is that you can leave Force behind and indeed must eradicate the block to wealth which is Force.And in it’s place step into your own Power because when you are empowered by your business,your offering,your service to others then you will work the appropriate amount of hours for the appropriate amount of recompense and those who want You will come to you.The fun and excitement of being in business returns and so you create wealth.

Your own Power just is there but no one else will recognise it, if you don’t.

If Sir Richard Branson maintains that most of his most creative business ideas come when lying on his hammock in Necker then maybe we should recognise his use of Power not force.

The Happy Dance

My little dog doesn’t know it’s Monday so he wakes up and does his “Happy Dance” like this every day.
I’ve walked him this morning in the beautiful New Forest.
I have passed some very depressed people.
So yes it’s Monday,it’s pouring with rain,the weekend is over,the children are back to school after Easter and it
looked like many workers were making their way back to work after some time off.
Wherever I went I saw sadness,depression,frustration and on the roads some anger.
Does it need to be like this ?
In days gone by my Mondays started like this – a 5.30 am start,a 90 minute commute – exhausted just by the car journey never mind the issues and problems I knew would face me once I got to the office.
Now I choose what I do every morning.
I have had time to exercise,to read,to walk my dog in the rain and then cup of tea in hand to write this piece.
After this I’ll decide how I’ll make some money today but I’ll also stop and “play cars” with my grandson when he wants.
No I’m not retired and yet maybe I am !!!
Stop waiting to be retired to have days like this.Days that you create – days when you don’t have to dance to everyone else’s tune.
It all starts with your thoughts.
Many years ago I became a business owner so that I could have the lifestyle I wanted – IT DIDN’T HAPPEN !

I learned that if I created the lifestyle I wanted in my mind and then reinforced it with my words and actions the business would appear which would accommodate that lifestyle.
WHAT WE THINK HAPPENS – and so yes I have my life as I would wish it.
This way of living is not just for a chosen few it’s there for all of us but if you need some help getting there just send me an email to geoff@geoffsober.com The Happy Dance

On the 23rd September 2005 I attended a workshop on Cold Calling by a sales guy called Atul Patel.
I was Managing Director of a digital print company and was looking to kick start our next phase of growth.We had already hit the £1 million plus turnover mark and had blue chips like Coca Cola,BT Syntegra,Ericsson and Tata Industries as clients.
The one day workshop was interesting and I learned a great deal.
Atul had a charm and charisma which held one’s attention but he also had a confidence which is borne out of a knowing that he had information which brought results.
However it was the last sentence of the day which was to forever change my life and the ripple effect has gone on to change many lives.
Atul turned to us all (some 20 attendees in total) and said “But if you want real change in your life call Vikki of The Lotus Seed Process on this number 0203 371 7381”
What would you have done ?
I’d like you to pause and answer that question.
Because what if the biggest and best thing that could ever happen in your life was offered to you in this way ?
Would you take it ?
Would you say – yes please ?
Would you give out a message that you want things to be better AND you are willing to do something about it ?
Would you take a chance ? Would you risk ?
I believed that saying “Yes” was saying “Yes” to life;
”Yes” to success,
”Yes” to happiness,
“Yes” to good health,
“Yes” to wealth,
“Yes” to love.
Most importantly saying “Yes” to being who I knew I was meant to be.
So if an opportunity arose to set yourself on a different path – would you take it ?
Or would you ignore it because it’s safer to stay where you are even if you are not happy with what you have and who you are ?
Would you find reasons to ignore this call to action:
Not enough money
Not enough time
Too far to travel
There ll be another opportunity
It won’t work for me – nothing can help me.
What would my partner,wife,husband say or think ?
They are just going to try and sell me something.


So if you aren’t where you want to be.
If you feel trapped,confused,stuck I invite you to take action.
I believe that through attending my Blank Canvas workshop and being introduced to Lotus Seed Life you will have more clarity and more certainty on what you need to do to have the life you want.
You can book your place here http://geoffsober.com/event/the-blank-canvas-workshop-april-8th-2016-9am-until-5pm/
Be warned this has changed many people’s lives for the better !!!

Introducing Geoff Sober and the Lotus Seed Process…

  • Have you ever had the feeling that there was more to life, but felt trapped ?
  • Have you ever felt that you were born with a special talent, but been unsure how to express it?
  • Do you believe you can have contentment in one area of your life, but have to trade this off with failure in another area? What makes you think that you can’t have it all?
  • Have you lacked the confidence to do what you want to do and been left feeling unfulfilled?
  • Do you feel like you’re simply going through the motions in life, without purpose or passion?

Having experienced unbelievable highs and lows in his own life, Geoff Sober found personal fulfilment and emotional well-being after discovering the Lotus Seed Process. These days, Geoff is happily married, hugely successful in business and, more importantly, has dealt with the emotional barriers and obstacles that previously held him back in life. Now a fully qualified Lotus Seed Process practitioner, he uses his own experiences, together with his years of studying and training, to help others learn how to live their lives to the full.

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